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Save The Koala Day!

Posted by Marney Rackley on


Did you know that Pineapple Traders have been corporate sponsors of Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for a number of years? As locals we have seen the amazing things that both the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as well as the Wildlife Hospital does for our native Australian Animals.

Did you know that Koalas may become extinct in large areas of Eastern Australia as early as 2050 without intervention?! We need your help to be the voice for this precious species. 

Chlamydia is now the leading cause of death in Koalas at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. It costs an average of $7000 and 6 weeks of treatment to save a Koala from this disease. 

Fortunately, thanks to your donations, our team is working around the clock to put an end to this deadly disease. Our mission is to treat, rehabilitate and release.  We live for the moment of release! 

Meet Brahx, the poor Koala that was suffering from chlamydia.  

Save the Koala Day - Brahx

After being reported ill in the wild, Brahx was rescued and admitted to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.  We’re delighted to report that after receiving treatment, Brahx was released back out in the wild.   

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we were able to capture this moment of release.   

Please save Koalas today via the GoFundMe link or at