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Hawaiian Tiki Mugs Collection

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Bring the Aloha with our Hawaiian Tiki Mugs! Our huge range means there's a Tiki for everyone! Traditionally said to bring Luck, Money, or Good Surf! Grab one, two, or start your own collection for your home, pool house or Tiki bar!

Surf Tiki
With Surf Tiki, one will have the power, energy, and endurance to ride the rough waves of life.

Mele Tiki
With Mele Tiki, one's voice and melodies will bring harmony & bliss to all who listen.

Imua Tiki
Let the power of this mua Tiki guide you forward and allow you to constantly progress in your life's endeavors.

Shaka Tiki
With Shaka Tiki, one will be blessed with an unending positive reflection and have a balmy disposition.

Hui Kalui
He stands so tall and domineering, with an angry scowl and eyes a-peering. Take just a moment to walk around behind and see his big pinstripe tattoo.

On a tiny island, he sits high and still while palm trees sway with time to kill. He oversees the quiet lagoon under the glow of a tropic moon.

Happiness Tiki
God of Happiness... In your possession, "Happiness Tiki" will bring happiness & joy in all that you do. Joy will surround you like the sweet smell of hibiscus in a warm island breeze.

Money Tiki
Let wealth adorn you like a brightly-coloured lei draped lazily around your neck.